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So I’m buying a car (part 1)

My dear wife is getting her driving license soon so we started doing the rounds of the showrooms in SZR to find the best Ramadan deal.  We quickly fell for the new Ford Fiesta – small, stylish, very well priced and service / first year insurance included in offer.  Other cars in the same category do not come close, and we decided to close the deal.  Before finalising we wanted to check out the colour as metallic type finishes are notoriously misreproduced on brochures.  After the usual end of Ramadan delays we finally got our preview, and were treated to a small surprise.

Ford Fiesta, courtesy Ford ME

Ford Fiesta, courtesy Ford ME

The spoiler.

Basic models, and the one we were shown in the showroom, sported a very discrete spoiler, which is almost not a spoiler at all.  The titanium model we chose and was before us had this extended, awful spoiler.  It had gaps in the middle, and was wide enough to have picnics on.  Now this is the thing about spoilers, they say something about the person driving the car.  Whether it’s the sporty personality, or loud music lover,  outgoing type, etc.  Whatever it is that people have when identifying with spoilers, we did not have it.  It has to go, we have to downgrade, or it’s a different car.  Meeting the Al Tayer sales lady next week, we’ll see how it goes.

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