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district9-posterNo other choice, I will be joining the plethora of voices around the media in heaping praise upon this movie, its makers and of course the actors.  It is always refreshing being treated to something other than what comes out of Hollywood’s mill.

The movie’s theme of alien immigration and the burdens on existing social structures of course runs parallel to the same situation in many locations worldwide.  You may have different opinions on the matter, but there are few enough mainstream movies that actually tell you something other than that chicks are hot, cars are fast, etc.  This issue touches a personal note because illegal immigration is a very hot situation in my home (is)land of Malta, where boatloads of refugees headed to Europe from Africa get a crash course in geography and learn there’s a very small island in the way.

Malta controls a disproportionate amount of sea in relation to its land size, so we end up intercepting quite a number of trips.  Refugees are then placed in camps, nobody knowing what their future holds.  Some of them find work, mostly illegally, and crime rates seem to escalate, creating friction with the locals.  Voices are split: they should be sent back home / but they will be killed there / they should be integrated into our society / but they would dilute our values / the burden should be bourne by Europe  / but nobody there wants to help us, it’s our problem / etc.  There’s no easy solution in sight.

Back to District 9, now I need to get my hands on the short film, by same director Neill Blomkamp, on which it was based – Alive in Joburg.  The same lead actor stars in this short, Sharlto Copley.  Apparently he had no acting experience and had no intention of pursuing an acting career (source: imdb).  I’m sure he is not regretting it now.

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