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Linking Malta to Dubai

Last Wednesday we were invited by the Consulate of Malta to a reception at the Monarch to commemorate our Independence Day.  The holiday itself is in September, but who am I to bemoan free drinks? I look forward to these events because they always serve Maltese foods & sweets that you don’t find here in Dubai.

The event was tied in with the opening of an office in Dubai by the Malta Tourism Authority, who want to capitalise on the availability of daily flights by Emirates.  The MTA website is nice and functional, but I would have preferred more immediate access to imagery from Malta.  There is so much more to offer.

As happens in such events the Consul gave a speech about the deepening ties between the two countries, and lauded the investment by TECOM in Smart City.  Poses for the cameras, smiles, handshakes.  They even made a special cake for the occasion, in the shape of a traditional Maltese luzzu. It was a pretty big one, and was ceremoniously cut by a sword.  I didn’t check on this, but I assume the sword was traditional Emirati.

Image this as a cake

Imagine this as a cake (image via Wikepedia)

We got to meet other Maltese expats, and also the artist Stephanie Borg who is based in Oman but dropped by.  She was showcasing some beautiful work.

They were also presenting work by the Maltese photographer Kurt Arrigo, who I’m sure contributed to MTA at some point.

Hopefully the exercise will prove fruitful for the national tourist industry.  From our part I hope we bag a good deal for our upcoming holiday trip.

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