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House Hunting (1)

The end of tenancy contract is coming up, so off we go house hunting once again.  A relative compared it to spring cleaning, or rather how to avoid it.  Instead of letting a tornado loose in the apartment for cleaning, we just skip boat.  But with the falling prices and our changing needs it would be pointless and expensive not to move out.  With changing needs I mean that the office might move to a different location, so I have to take it into consideration.

First we headed to Jumeirah Lake Towers, a number of towers built around an artifical lake, just beside the (largest man-made) Dubai Marina.

There are a lot of them still under construction, but the ones that were ready were generally nice.  While viewing one of them my wife found out she was scared of certain heights – we were viewing a large 1 bedroom apartment on the 30th floor.  Unfortunately it was night and we weren’t thinking about taking good pictures, except for the roof top jacuzzi and pool.


The window on the left actually shows the drop down from the 35th floor, but it was not as bad as the view from the 30th.  The walls around the pool meant lots of shade throughout the day.  Not necessarily a bad thing in Dubai.

  • The good: facilities (security, carpark, gym, pool, sauna, steam room), stone-throwing distance from Sheikh Zayed Road, cat-throwing distance from Metro station.
  • The bad: sand everywhere, no place for outside strolling (yet), except after a 30 min excursion to Jumeirah Beach Residence, no clear exit to SZR – there are still only single lane bumpy access roads.
  • The ugly: the whole area is a construction site (and all the hazards this entails), and I don’t think I saw the “lakes” that the place are named for.  Still under construction?
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