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Siciliano per favore

House hunting is tough work, and by 2pm today we were ready to drop in on the first restaurant we hit, irrespective of how bad it looked.  This happened to be Pizza Pazza in Al Barsha behind Mall of the Emirates.  And no, it didn’t look (too) bad, there were actually people eating outside.

As we approached the door one the patrons stood up to greet us, so it was the staff having lunch.  With a relief the scale of which you cannot imagine, the guy talked to us with an Italian accent.  He ushered us inside and yep, spoke in Italian to other staff.  All of them Italian, it was probably family run.  From the three-legged emblem and various pictures hung up we could see that they hailed from Sicily, not the mainland.

Flag of the Sicilian Region
Image via Wikipedia

We ordered pizza (of course) and it was delicious.  The dough was light and crunchy and the mozzarella really tasty.  For dessert my wife had ice cream while I ordered tiramisu.  I suspect both were home made.  I’ve never tasted ice cream so good and, well, creamy.  And the tiramisu was refreshingly not laden with sugar.

There are many bad things to say about Italians in general, Sicilians in particular, and this restaurant on this occasion – AC not strong enough, there were quite a number of flies inside, which one of the staff was killing with an electric swatter, service was so-so, etc.  But they sure know their food.  And to be immersed in an environment so close to ours at home was really nostalgic.  The restaurant also has none of that stiff sophistication common to many Italian restaurants in Dubai.

This will be definitely one of the “pros” when considering whether to move to Barsha or not.  Check out their menu here.

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