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Moving House

Pathetic attempt at graphic humor

image partly via Wikipedia Commons

Last Friday saw us finally moving house.  We packed clothes and other stuff we could carry ourselves, while we left the heavy and delicate items alike in the hands of professionals.

I was shocked by how fast they get down to action.  After the almost shy good morning when you answer the door, an army of men marches in your sanctum, each with a specific task.  One disconnects the washing machine, another packs away the small kitchen things, yet another attacks the furniture, dismantling it to then put it back together at the destination.  It was a scene of organised chaos, not unlike ants about to shift food.  However the group was made up of different ethnicities, with quite noticeable differences in attitude to work.  I will not go into the details because they’re not important and it might sound racist.

Three hours later I’m handing them their dues, plus a nice tip.  Everything arrived safe and in one piece (or was reassembled into one piece), and I was generally impressed by the service.  I would have prepared that they helped with the unpacking of the minor stuff, but it was ok it could be done at leisure later.  And at leisure it was.  Between clearing out boxes, cleaning multiple times, going out to buy necessary items when moving to a larger apartment (e.g. more curtains, small furniture).

By today (Wednesday night) everything seems to have found a place.  We’re still expecting some furniture to be delivered on Friday, but that’s about it.  So I got down to finally fixing up the television / entertainment area in the living room – TV, DVD, Wii, media player / HD.

Which is when I found out that we were missing the TV power and connection cables.  I was setting myself up for a relaxing remainder of the evening, and I felt that it was unfairly snatched away from me.  Not wanting to give up without a fight I scrambled through possible hideouts, where bags containing generic looking items were stashed away.  Also in my sights were luggage bags, cupboards, shelves, but from the start I was not hopeful of the outcome.  I knew, deep down, that two things could have happened.  Either the movers threw them away with the packing material waste.  Or my wife did when she did the first thorough cleanup and I was at work.

So now I’m stuck at home without TV (and related diversions which make use of the screen), and also without internet (but this is for another blog post).  Looking at the bright side of it we will manage to fix everything up in the house without distractions.  Some consolation.

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