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Road Rage

Last night I dreamt I was the driver of a gang who had just botched a heist. We were roaring through town in a truck, the perfect getaway vehicle surely, pushing aside cars and people alike.

I think the dream was partly inspired by the events we witnessed the previous evening on our way home from the mall. We were slowing down to stop at traffic lights when, two cars ahead of us, a big SUV swerved suddenly and cut across two lanes of traffic. It did not just change lanes, it drove almost perpendicularly to the flow of traffic. We watched incredulously as the SUV stopped in front of the car ahead of us and the driver, an Emirati, stormed out. He marched towards the other car just as the latter’s door was opening. A very heated debate ensued, with a lot of gesturing, most probably revolving around who was the worst driver. In another country they might have touched upon the subject of whose mother performed which vile acts, but it is probably illegal to insult a local, for which you could get arrested and / or deported.

They must have had a close call a little earlier, but we didn’t see what’d happened. In the end the local climbed in his car and proceeded to go back across the two lanes to take the exit he had intended to initially. During all of this we had no option but to stay put and watch, since traffic was still moving around us.

It is not the purpose of this post to point fingers at nationalities / ethnicities and their driving attitude, but at the crap driving attitude directly. It could have been anyone for all I care, bad driving is bad driving.  Come to think of it though the protagonist would make an excellent getaway driver.

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