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Fujairah Bull Butting

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Last Friday we were invited by friends to go down to Fujairah to watch the bulls fight.  I was immediately piqued, but the wife needed some selling.  It’s not like the Spanish bull fighting (hence the term “butting”), but rather two bulls wrestle against each other.  There’s no blood that I could see.  Apparently it’s quite an old tradition, dating from the times of the Portughese colonies in the area.

I’m still not sure how the rules work and how the winning bull is declared so.  But it’s fun to watch nonetheless, because when the bulls are done fighting one of two things can happen.  Either their “reins” are picked up by their handlers and they are taken away, no fuss.  Or they make it more interesting by running towards the rows of people within the large ring, giving their handlers a harder time.  Oh, and this can be safely observed from behind the fence, so there isn’t too much crowd involvement.  The following pictures should explain in better detail.

I also tried to take some video. The siren noise you can hear is when the match is declared over (I think).

You can find more details on our friends’ blog here, with additional videos.